Tracking research output

New & Renewal Research and Institutional Training Awards
(May-June 2016)

InvestigatorSponsorDept DescrBegin DateEnd DateTitle Total Anticipated Award*
Andry,Nehman MTexas Academy Of Family Physicians FoundFamily and Community Medicine5/1/20164/30/2017Predictors Of Family Physician Wellness And Burnout                7,009
Braden,Carrie JoSigma Theta Tau International, Inc.FCHS-Family & Community HS6/1/20165/31/2017Illness Representations In Elders Living In The United States With Multiple Chronic Conditions:  A Mixed Methods Study                4,999
Chen,YidongCancer Prevention & Research Inst Of TxGreehey CCRI6/1/20165/31/2021Uthscsa Cancer Genome Sequencing And Computation Core        3,680,756
Ghosh-Choudhury,NandiniSan Antonio Area FoundationPathology5/1/20164/30/2017Mechanistic Understanding For Preventing Bone Disorder In Diabetic Patients              30,000
Hart,Peter JohnWelch FoundationBiochemistry6/1/20165/31/2019In Silico Screening For Inhibitors Of Cards Toxin From M. Pneumoniae           330,000
Houghton,Peter JCancer Prevention & Research Inst Of TxGreehey CCRI6/1/20165/31/2021Texas Pediatric Patient Derived Xenograft Facility        5,079,843
Jiang,Jean XWelch FoundationBiochemistry6/1/20165/31/2019Modulating Hemichannel Activities Using Targeting Antibodies           240,000
Narayanan,DivyaSan Antonio Area FoundationOphthalmology5/1/201610/31/2017Early Detection And Spatial Co-Incidence Of Localized Retinal Neuronal And Vascular Dysfunction In Diabetic Retinopathy              29,950
Ogbeide,Stacy ATexas Academy Of Family Physicians FoundFamily and Community Medicine5/1/20164/30/2017Behavioral Health Integration At El Centro De Corazon:  A Pilot Study                4,752
Sareddy,Gangadhara ReddyThrivewell Cancer FoundationOb-Gyn5/1/20164/30/2017Novel Epigenetic Therapy To Treat Ovarian Cancer By Enhancing Estrogen Receptor Beta Mediated Tumor Suppression              25,000
Shiio,YuzuruCancer Prevention & Research Inst Of TxGreehey CCRI6/1/20165/31/2018Targeting Ews-Fli-1 For Degradation           200,000
Shim,EunThrivewell Cancer FoundationRadiation Oncology5/1/20164/30/2017Prevention Of Radiation Side Effects In Metastatic Brain Cancer Patients              25,000
Zhang,NuNih-Allergy & Infectious DiseasesMicrobiology5/23/20164/30/2021Mechanistic Study Of Tgf-Beta Dependent Control Of Gut Resident Memory T Cells        1,878,690
*Figures indicated reflect the total anticipated awards for all years of the current competitive segment; actual award amounts in subsequent years are subject to change at the time of award.
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Tracking research output
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