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Proton therapy center to provide alternative to radiation treatment for cancer


The proton therapy center at UT Health San Antonio will be the first in the city and South Texas, and one of only about 40 in the United States. 

Nearly all patients with cancer respond well to COVID-19 vaccines

In a recent study, 94% of patients with cancer developed good immune response to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines three to four weeks after receiving their second dose.

Western high-fat diet can cause chronic pain

A Western high-fat diet can increase the risk of painful disorders common in people with conditions such as diabetes or obesity, according to a groundbreaking paper.

Voelcker Fund supports cancer research and discovery at UT Health San Antonio

The Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Fund is awarding $800,000 to UT Health San Antonio to support research projects conducted by promising early career researchers.

The 'Fauci Effect'? Health sciences programs see increase in applications

Across the country, applications to medical schools are at an all-time high, increasing by nearly 20% over last year. It’s no different at UT Health San Antonio’s Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long School of Medicine.

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Aug. 12: HealthyU Webcast Series: What's that growing on my skin?

Sandra Osswald, MD, Dermatology, will answer your questions and provide real-life examples of which spots and moles are harmless and which ones you need to see a doctor for. 

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Texas Standard: Ask a doctor: Understanding the delta variant and protecting children from COVID-19

Fred Campbell, MD, General and Hospital Medicine, answered questions about the delta variant and how to protect children under the age of 12. 

San Antonio Report: As the delta variant spreads in San Antonio, here’s what to know about the new strain of COVID-19

Tess Barton, MD, Pediatrics, and Jason Bowling, MD, Infectious Diseases, explained what you should know about the delta variant and how you can slow the spread and protect yourself.

KSAT 12 Q&A: Infectious disease specialist estimates more than 20% of COVID-19 cases in Bexar County are delta variant

Ruth Berggren, MD, MACP, Infectious Diseases/Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics, discussed how COVID-19 vaccines work against the delta variant during this KSAT Q&A.

KENS 5: With coronavirus delta variant spreading, will face mask recommendations return to San Antonio?

Robert Leverence, MD, chief medical officer for UT Health Physicians, talked about the spread of the delta variant and shared advice about who should wear masks and when.

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Dr. Elliot Weser, founding faculty member, passes away at the age of 89

The UT Health San Antonio family mourns the passing of Dr. Elliot Weser, a founding faculty member and original chief of the Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, at the age of 89.