Feature Article

Bravery comes in the shape of a preschooler in a pink tutu. The 3-year-old fought her way through countless surgeries after a vicious dog attack left her with near-fatal injuries.

The perfect storm

What used to be called adult-onset diabetes is now hitting children at alarming rates. While San Antonio bears the burden of being the epicenter for diabetes, it is also a hotbed for research.

Trauma game changer

Because of lessons learned on the battlefields, South Texas patients are receiving lifesaving whole blood transfusions—before ever reaching the hospital. 

Racing the clock

As researchers and physicians battle against an unpredictable foe, one patient refuses to let multiple sclerosis defeat her.

Acting sick

There is no one better to give future health care providers pointers on working with patients than patients themselves. These just happen to be trained actors working off a script.

The essence of research

What does research look like to you? In the university's first Image of Research Photography Competition, 21 students provided an intimate look into the depths of their research.