T1-T4 in 3 (Minutes) Challenge Winners

The IIMS hosted its 2022T1 to T4 in 3 (Minutes) Challenge on June 22nd. This cross-collaborative event between the IIMS Community Health Advisory Board (CHAB), Community Engagement, and the Office of Research Education & Mentoring (OREM) gives community members and IIMS trainees a venue to present their research in 3 minutes to a live mixed audience of community members, faculty, staff and students. Presenters use language and concepts that are easy to understand with 1 slide.

3rd Place $250 - Sowmya Renuka
2nd Place $500 - Sean Jefferys
1st Place $750 - Aigbe Ohihoin
People's Choice $1000 - Harshit Garg 
(Pictures from left to right) 

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