Now Hiring
Medical Assistant Intermediate/Associate & Research Area Specialist

The Institute for Integration of Medicine & Science is now hiring for the following positions:

Research Area Specialist for the Practice-Based Research Networks  
As a member of the IIMS Community Engagement (CE) Team, this person will serve as a liaison with two practice-based research networks (PBRNs).  This person will help to develop and implement research projects by working closely with PBRN Directors, advisory boards, and network members.  In addition, this person will work the IIMS CE Team to 
provide research infrastructure support to enhance community responsiveness, research relevance, scientific value, and public health impact.

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Intermediate - Medical Assistant Position for the IIMS Clinical Research Unit at the MARC 

Under general supervision, responsible for performing a wide variety of medical and clinical support functions in an outpatient clinical settings. May assist with clinical and laboratory procedures, maintain equipment, provide direct patient care, and administer common medications according to unit guidelines and providers' orders. May support the documentation of patients as dictated by the physician or provider. 

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Associate - Medical Assistant Position for the IIMS Clinical Research Unit at the MARC 
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